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Container Restaurant - How to make it

Posted By Herwanto Rombong on Senin, 25 Juli 2016 | 05.40

 Container Cafe-Cafe Container
Build a Restaurant or Cafe Container, Container, it needs many stages and equipment/heavy equipment that needs to be planned carefully, as for the stages of the Manufacturing process through several stages, one of which is the design of the Restaurant is the Container.
After a deal of design and Production Stages, then through the module module Container started the development process. Below are the stages of construction

Large modules that have been built in rows with Tool wear heavy equipment, to begin the process of Setting, which do match with the design.
Given the burden of a heavy Container, there are many welding processes and connecting various modules Restaurant Container.
After the Container is well-structured according the draft early, then his Interior machining process started in doing.

For business associates that requires "the service Container creation Cafe" follows the Guidelines Order
Decide beforehand, the size of the Container in which you want to use: 20 Feet or 40 Feet
The type of the Cafe will be built
The concept will be adopted for the Cafe Containernya
Please contact our KepalaProduksi: Bp Akbar Novianto at: 0852-9452-5622 or at: Wa/Line: 0815-7171-809
 Container Cafe

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